Eklutna Lake – Storyteller Photographic

Eklutna Lake is one of my favorite places – I used to come here to run, pray, and read before and during my pregnancy with my son – and now I bring my boy here to run, pray (lots of prayers raising a wilding!), hike, and play in the mud!

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with these three gems at my favorite spot- Sarah, Nick, and Canyon were so much fun!! I learn something new everyday as a photographer – my passion for visual storytelling only gets stronger with time.

This session had me walking away thinking of how Nick (Dad) and his son (Canyon) interacted together. Nick is a tall dark haired man with a scruffy beard, has a great smile, and a silly personality. As he walked up I thought – well he’s a little intimidating. In reality – this probably says more about me than him. I quickly learned that my first impression was far off the mark. Anytime he was within arms reach of Canyon his eyes softened. He would ruffle Canyon’s hair or give him a hug and a tickle. It was such a lovely interaction to witness.

After an hour I came to see Nick as a very loving Dad and boyfriend. Sarah always has a great laugh and is smiling but she seems to be even happier when she’s with Nick. They would be standing next to each other and instinctually their hands would come together-or they’d lock arms. They had a very ‘laid-back’ nature to them – an ease that only comes with real love.

To play in the mountains with this family was such a treat!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this photo session!


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