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It just makes sense to start this blog by explaining why the heck I am even here doing this. My name is Sarah. I am a mommy to one little man, Harrison – and a wife to one stud (when he’s not cranky), Rob. I am a nurse anesthetist (CRNA) – I have a great job, make a decent living, and have security. But, I was starting to feel numb….nothing at work was inspiring me. I can’t shake the feeling that there has to be more than this. At first I thought I was feeling like this because there aren’t windows in the operating room, or the Alaskan darkness was getting to me. But it is now Spring (hallelujah!) and I feel the same “bleh” on my drive to work.  I started researching creative entrepreneurs and read a pretty accurate quote.

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. —Lori Greiner

How true is that?? Entrepreneurs are crazy (in a wonderful way)! I mean you would have to be a little mad to willingly give up a safe job with a 40 hour work week to be your own boss – hustling to meet the demands that exceed 80+ hours a week!! But I’ve learned something – all the best people are a little mad!

My son, Harrison, is my muse. Watching him grow from this little squish to a crazy haired hilarious toddler has completely changed every part of me. I now have a thirst for life that I lacked before motherhood. I have more patience, and appreciate the little things in life like never before. Everyday with children is an adventure….some better than others of course!

IMG_9408So, one night with my son laying next to me snoring and laughing in his sleep 😴 I asked myself, “what inspires me?” “What do I crave?” The second question is easy…..I crave time. Time is more precious to me now. I lost my mother-in-law a couple of years ago – this loss was devastating for many reasons. It was an unexpected loss and she was too young to leave us. After losing her, and then becoming a momma I am acutely aware how precious our time really is. Time is the one thing we have, and don’t. I absolutely hate my hectic work schedule and just want more time with my little, while he’s little. Surely, every momma feels this way?!

So, the other question…..What inspires me? This took a little more soul searching but really it should have been very easy to answer.

Well, I am a bonafide bookworm. I was that nerdy kid that used to read for fun – I am still a nerd, but lucky for me nerds are cool. At least that’s what I tell myself. There have been too many nights where I choose one more chapter over sleep. When I was a kid my grandpa and I used to write together. Grandpa Joe – he was the coolest – but could be kinda cranky too. You just knew not to push his buttons. Luckily, he was legally blind so if you did tick him off you could easily hide. Grandma Willie and him shared a hobby room – one side she would sew, and the other side he would write or mess with his old school HAM radio. I wanted nothing to do with sewing so Grandpa Joe and I would hang out. Both of us on our typewriters – in the same room, yet in different worlds. At some point I stopped writing. I grew up with dreams of being a travel/adventure journalist or novelist. I always kind of felt like I chickened out and ditched a career in writing for a safer choice in the medical field. I feel the need to say this again, I really do love administering anesthesia and helping patients – I just need a creative outlet!!


So…I like to write…but I am also obsessed with documentary/lifestyle photography. I can appreciate the posed pictures we have, you know the ones for the Christmas cards! Say, “Cheese”!!  But what I really love are those portraits that just kick ya in the feels. Birth photography capturing a mothers pain and sacrifice and unconditional love, the first time a mother strokes her baby’s cheek, the first time a little one grabs onto their dad’s pinky finger. Newborn photography – the first days when everyone is getting to know one another, tiny hands, tiny feet, sleepy smiles (both parents and baby!), milk comas, a mother in awe of the miracle that will soon call her mommy. Wedding Photography – the first time a groom sees his blushing bride, the father-daughter dance, families laughing, smiling, dancing, celebrating the journey of marriage. Most of my work (so far) is lifestyle family photography – capturing all the moments you don’t ever want to forget. The simple moments – breakfast with messy hair, a toddler running around with his cape flying behind him, littles exploring their surroundings – moments where there is a fine line between imagination and reality. Big toothy grins, dirty fingernails from spending the afternoon outside playing – the moments that capture the freedom of childhood. I am obsessed with photographic art that is Emotive. Wild. The pictures that really tell a story.


My sister, Samantha has always been “artsy” and a wanderer (not in the sense of being a hobo – just a gal that dabbles in a little bit of everything). She has a free spirit that makes her easy to get along with. She has always wanted to be a photographer (she took this pic, above) – my folks and I pitched in to buy her a fancy canon camera for her graduation gift. Like me, life got in the way and she ignored her creative spark. After my soul searching I was talking to her about wanting to pursue work that left me inspired. And there you have it…..this is how Storyteller Photographic  was created. We decided to team up – two are better than one, right? This business is a perfect creative outlet that inspires me. Photographers have the coolest job! We tell stories through our lens that we, and others, will cherish and hopefully pass on to several generations to come. I would much rather work 80+ hours a week from home with the sound of my toddler in the background, then 40 hours for someone else.


How does this tie into writing? Well….I’m not exactly sure yet. I am just figuring things out. Learning to be a creative entrepreneur has a huge learning curve – I have already made several mistakes. Truth is, at the end of the day I couldn’t decide on photography or writing – so I am doing both! Who knows what the future holds! I would love to one day write a novel. I dream of travel while photographing families and loved ones….but for now I just want to tell stories that hopefully make someone crack a few smiles, get a couple chuckles, and connect with others….


Let’s Be Friends!!

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The Journey Begins

Hi! I’m so glad you are here! This is a place for everyone! Those wild at heart that love adventure but also habitually rock a lazy afternoon nap – You are my people!! I am a storyteller – relax, I’m hilarious! – but I also want to connect with you! I am addicted to big belly laughs, travel, a good cup of coffee, and love! Positive vibes only.

Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.                   ~Bugs Bunny